Innovation - the Lifeblood
of Any F&B Business

The global food technology market is expected to grow exponentially to $342.52 billion by 2027. If you are a Foodtech-preneur, this is your opportunity to adopt new approaches to increase food production.


Artist’s Impression

Artist’s Impression

Sky Suite

Level 10

Rigid-framed vehicles of length < 7.5m
* Estimated floor to floor height

Be it testing the market for new F&B concepts or conducting R&D, catering to your consumer preferences is important.

Whatever your needs, CT FoodNEX’s modular system has the flexibility to customise to your exact requirements.


The F&B industry is slated to experience significant growth in the post-pandemic landscape.

Whether you are a business family leader who aspires to grow your business, a fine food purveyor with exacting cold-storage requirements, a food start-up wanting to expand your business, or a food distributor/looking to reduce manpower cost, CT FoodNEX is positioned to accelerate your fullest potential to reach your aspirational goals.

unit of Industrial Canteen **
Production units with Mezzanine
Production units

* Estimated floor to floor height
** Subject to renewal of permits with relevant Authorities

Artist’s Impression

Elevate your family business to the next level

Flexible unit spaces with ease of configuration to suit any requirements

Rapidly scale up and expand your business

Accelerate your fullest potential with increased productivity and reliability

Conquer the world as a foodtech-preneur